Our Team

An experienced team of experts that are knowledgeable, experienced and place an emphasis on friendliness as well as best-in-practice care.

Our Team of nerd powered experts are here to support people and their journey to find an improved state of mental wellbeing. We are passionate about what we do and ready to go the extra mile to see you thrive.

Why nerd powered? It’s a term of endearment (we promise) that reflects our passion for learning. We put in the hours to make sure that we know how we can best support you and stay up to date with best practices.

Dr Judy Tang

Senior Neuropsychologist

Cassandra Thornton

Business Manager

Evelyn Chen

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Alana Collins

Neuropsychology Registrar

Alexander Springall

Neuropsychology Registrar

Connie Tse

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Ashley Dell'Oro


Kate Briz


Lauren Doutré


Samrutha Hariharan

Neuropsychology Intern