About Invictus

Leading health experts in Australia. We believe that people deserve to live their best lives, in their best body, with their best brain.

Humble beginnings, big plans

Born with mental wellbeing at the forefront of our minds, Invictus Health prioritises each person’s ability to thrive. Our space and community will grow and become a home for self-empowerment, improvement, and health.

At our core, compassion comes first – certainly we have the skills and expertise – but on top of that, we also understand the person and the lives that our work impacts on. That’s why organisations and communities connect with us – and we look forward to working together with you too.

Our values

Improving lives; through mental wellbeing, sense of happiness and safety.

Facilitating and prioritising our staff, clients and partners ability to thrive.

Engaging in the community using positive and supportive action.

Celebrating quirks and individuality.

Our team of experts understand your needs

Our nerd powered experts are knowledgeable, experienced and we place an emphasis on friendliness as well as best-in-practice care. We are here to support people and their journey to find an improved state of mental wellbeing.

At it’s heart, Invictus Health is home to a team of experts passionate about mental wellbeing. Each member of our team brings with them a wealth of education, learning and unique approaches to brain health and individualised support.

We are passionate about what we do and ready to go the extra mile to see you thrive.

To learn more about our team you can check us out and touch base using the button below.