What is a neuropsychological assessment?

A neuropsychological assessment is a test or evaluation of how well your brain is working or functioning. 

At Invictus Health, our neuropsychological assessments provide in-depth insights and a detailed understanding of how well your brain is functioning across a range of different cognitive areas.

We also provide neuropsychological assessments in Melbourne & Australia for:

What is included in a neuropsychological assessment?

Our neuropsychological assessment or evaluation can assess several cognitive areas including:

  • 处理速度
  • 学习和记忆
  • 行政职能
  • 注意力和专注力
  • 视觉感知能力
  • 语言

Every neuropsychology assessment we provide at Invictus Health is tailored to your unique situation and needs, so if you’d like to know more about what to expect, get in touch with our team today!


When are neuropsychological assessments or tests needed?

Neuropsychology assessments or tests are often carried out when there may be signs or problems with a person’s cognitive abilities – whether it’s thinking, remembering, problem-solving, or anything else.

Neuropsychological evaluations are also required by those in the legal and insurance industries as there may be compensation involved with impairments of cognitive abilities due to injury, illness, or disease caused by another party. 

At Invictus Health, we offer neuropsychological assessments for the medico-legal industry in Melbourne and Australia including:

What can I expect at a neuropsychological evaluation?

At your neuropsychological evaluation at Invictus Health, you’ll meet one of our friendly and experienced neuropsychologists, who will sit down with you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your issues and concerns. We may also have a family member or close friend attend the session to gain more insight into how your cognitive impairments may be affecting your daily life. 

Your neuropsychologist will then inform you of the various types of tests required for your neuropsychological evaluation, as well as further information such as session durations and additional appointments (if required).

What are the areas of neurocognitive assessment dependent upon?

At Invictus Health, our experienced clinical psychologists help tailor a neurocognitive assessment that is right for your needs. Our neuropsychological assessments are designed based on several different factors, including:

  • 具体推荐问题
  • 您或您的医生可能有的任何问题
  • 任何特定的健康投诉
  • 任何报告的症状
  • 您的临床神经心理学家的观察结果

With the team at Invictus Health, you’ll know you’re in great hands and receive the high level of specialised service and care you’re after. For neuropsychology assessments in Melbourne get in touch with our leading team of psychologists today! Our locations include Melbourne, Ballarat, as well as Hobart, Tasmania

Frequently Asked Questions

A neuropsychology assessment involves multiple stages. The time you will spend with the Neuropsychologist will take, on average, between 3-4 hours. From there the Neuropsychologist will collect data and write up the report, this can take anywhere between 8-12 hours, the report is usually ready to be released within 2-3 weeks of the appointment date.

The great news is that preparing for an assessment is not as complex as it may seem. We recommend that you get a good night's rest and make sure that you have eaten before attending. If your routine includes medication, please ensure your routine remains as constant as possible in the lead up to the assessment.

Although we can’t tell you exactly what will be asked, we can say that the assessment includes 2 sections. The first is the interview stage, where you and the Neuropsychologist will discuss topics of interest. The second is the ‘pen and paper’ stage where the cognitive testing happens.

Psychology focuses on emotionality and behavioural traits, a psychology assessment could be looking into the potential of psychological injury induced by stress for example. In neuropsychology we are looking more specifically at cognitive capacity, analysing common brain functions, such as memory, attention, concentration, learning, problem solving and decision making.


您将通过 Invictus Health 进行的正式神经心理学评估是完全标准化的,因此它以一致的方式对所有患者进行管理,并且每次都使用一致的方法进行评分。




我们的团队不断学习和指导,确保神经心理学所有模式和领域的最佳实践,持续进行专业发展并严格遵守 APS 指南。


如果您从事法律或保险行业,Invictus Health 可以根据您的特定需求定制神经心理学评估,包括:






在 Judy Tang 博士的带领下,拥有超过 10 年神经心理学经验的 Tang 博士在其职业生涯中涵盖了法律和法庭诉讼的各个方面。


  • 澳大利亚心理学会 (APS) 指南
  • 2014 年隐私和数据保护法
  • 2001 年健康记录法


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